Short Video Competition*

Contest Period: May 1 to July 1 2024
Sponsored by the Asian-American Scholar Forum.

The “Youth Ambassador for Science” competition invites high schoolers to create and share short videos highlighting Asian American science pioneers, for a chance to win a $1,000 VISA gift card. Multiple prizes available. Winners will be recognized at the Asian American Pioneer Award Symposium at Stanford on July 27 and will have the opportunity to have one-on-one online mentoring meetings with top university professors. See the official rules at for full details.

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the 50 US states or DC who are age 14 - 18. “Contest Period” is from 12:00:01am Eastern Time (ET) on 5/1/24 through 11:59:59pm ET on 7/1/24. To enter, during the Contest Period, (i) visit to learn about and identify one of five eligible AAPI Scientist Submission Categories; (ii) create a video profiling the scientist(s) for your chosen Scientist Submission Category; (iii) submit your video via both a social media posting and contest website submission as instructed in the full Official Rules; and (iv) comply with all other instructions outlined in the full Official Rules. For each Scientist Submission Category the highest scoring submission in each of the below categories will be deemed a winner: Best Video, Best Ultrashort Video, Best science Exposition, Best use of AI, Best Animation, Most Creative, Best Original Music, and Best Comedy. See full Official Rules for the judging criteria applicable to each Submission Category. Prizes will be awarded to the parent/guardian of each winner, not the entrant. Parent/guardian of each winner will receive one $1,000 Visa Gift Card. Odds of winning depend on number and quality of eligible entries. Contest subject to Official Rules, and details and restrictions apply, so visit for Official Rules. Sponsor: Asian American Scholar Forum

How to Enter

Complete the following steps during the Contest Period of May 1, 2024 12:00:01 AM Eastern Time (ET) to July 1, 2024 11:59:59 PM (ET):

  1. Learn about and identify one of five eligible Scientist Submission Categories: (a) Nasir Ahmed, (b) Frank Chang, (c) Teresa Meng, (d) Raj Reddy, or (e) Simon Sze paired with Dawon Kahng, to create a video about.   

  2. Create a video (less than 45 seconds) profiling your chosen scientist submission category and highlighting their contributions to the world.  We recommend reviewing the judging categories detailed below, as there will be 8 prizes awarded for each scientist submission category, with each prize having its own judging criteria.

  3. Submit your video to social media using either Instagram, TikTok and/or YouTube.

    Instagram Method of Entry: (i) Log-in or join Instagram at and set your account to “public” (joining Instagram is free); (ii) follow @aasforum on Instagram; (iii) post your Video to Instagram, along with the hashtag #aasf_contest (these required hashtags must appear in the post caption, NOT in the comments, for the submission to be valid) and tag @aasforum. Submissions CANNOT be posted as Instagram Stories. 

    TikTok Method of Entry: (i) Log in or join TikTok (account must not be set to “private”; creating a TikTok account is free); (ii) follow @aasforumon TikTok; and (iii) post your Video to TikTok and, in the description section of your Video, include the hashtag #aasf_contest and tag @aasforum. Entrants must not use TikTok to cross post their Video to other social media platforms without including the hashtag in the other social media platform post.

    YouTube Method of Entry: (i) Log-in or create an account YouTube at  (joining YouTube is free); (ii) post your Video to YouTube and, in the description section of your Video, include the hashtag #aasf_contest.

  4. Visit and submit (1) a publicly accessible URL link to where you Video can be viewed; and (2) a publicly accessible Google Drive URL to a screenshot of your Video appearing posted to social media and showing the number of “likes” it received in total, and any other information requested by the submission form.

See the official rules at for full details.

Award Categories

40 winners, the parent/guardian of the entrant with the highest scoring eligible submission from each judging category for each Scientist Submission Category, will each receive one $1,000.00 visa gift card. AASF may also choose in its discretion to invite, or not invite, select entrants to the AASF Asian American Pioneer Medal Symposium/Ceremony at Stanford, CA on July 27, 2024.  Winning a prize does not guarantee such an invitation.

See the official rules at for full details.

Five Scientist Submission Categories

  1. Nasir Ahmed

  2. Frank Chang

  3. Dawon Kahng and Simon Sze

4. Teresa Meng

5. Raj Reddy

Eight Awards Per Submission Category

  • Best video.

  • Best ultrashort video (20 seconds or less). 

  • Best science exposition

  • Best use of AI. Eligible if the Submission contains a total of 10 seconds or more of AI generated content such as script, narration, audio, and video.

  • Most Creative.

  • Best animation. Eligible if the Submission contains a total of 10 seconds or more of content consisting primarily of animation (any form of animation qualifies). 

  • Best original music. Eligible if the Submission contains a total of 10 seconds or more of original music.

  • Best comedy

Judging Criteria

From July 2, 2024 to about July 16, 2024, a panel of judges will score each submission based on the judging criteria below. Judges will then obtain a final weighted score for each submission in each eligible judging category. For a detailed breakdown of the weighting per Scientist Submission Category, please see the official rules.

  • Interestingness  (100 points): How captivating is the Submission? That is, to what extent can the Submission hold a viewer’s attention and make them want to watch from start to end?

  • Impact (100 points): How influential is the Submission on social media in terms of the number of likes it receives, as reported on the submitted screenshot? 1 point per like for the first 80 likes; 0.1 point per like for the remaining likes; the maximum score is capped at 100 points. For example, a Submission with 80  likes will receive 80 points; a submission with 90 likes will receive 81 points; a Submission with 300 likes will receive 100 points. The submitted screenshot can be updated to report the latest number of likes until the end of the Contest Period (therefore, it is recommended that entrants update their screenshot on the final day of the Contest Period if their likes have increased since originally submitted). Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify a submission if Sponsor, in its discretion, determines that the number of likes in the screenshot has been falsified. 

  • Informativeness (100 points): How informative is the Submission regarding the contribution(s) to the world of the scientist for your chosen Scientist Submission Category? (e.g., a high score could be obtained by being highly informative about a specific contribution or informative about the scientist’s broader contributions as a whole).  

  • Creativity (100 points):  How creative and unique is the Submission? Creativity can be in storytelling, visual presentation, audio, editing, and/or other artistic/technical aspects of the Submission. 

  • Science exposition (100 points): How clear and accessible are the explanations and presentations of the scientific contributions in the Submission? 

  • [Where applicable] Original music criterion 1 (100 points): How well does the music make the video more engaging and interesting?

  • [Where applicable] Original music criterion 2 (100 points): How well does the music synchronize and cohere with the visual content?

  • [Where applicable] Animation (100 points): How effective is the use of animation in the Submission? 

  • [Where applicable] AI use (100 points): How impressive and effective is the AI generated content in the Submission? 

  • [Where applicable] Humor (100 points): How humorous is the Submission? 

Discord and Raw Materials

  • Please join our Discord server for announcements, tutorials, tips, and discussions with the community.

  • We provide a set of raw materials (a playlist of videos and a gallery of images) for each scientist submission category. Please feel free to use them in your videos.

Nasir Ahmed

Frank Chang

Dawon Kahng and Simon Sze

Teresa Meng

Raj Reddy

Nasir Ahmed
Frank Chang
Simon Sze
Teresa Meng
Raj Reddy