AASF Webinar: The Rise of Chinese Universities towards World Class: Perspectives from Several American Scholars

Click to see details of AASF’s 5/21/2022 webinar, in which three American scholars who have been involved in the development efforts will give us their perspectives on the rise of Chinese universities towards world class.

AASF Sponsored Webinar: In Their Own Words: The Stories of Xiaoxing Xi, Anming Hu, and Gang Chen

April 18, 2022 Hosts Dr. Frances Hellman (UC Berkeley; APS, President) Dr. Jonathan Bagger (APS, CEO) Moderators Dr. S. James Gates (Brown University; APS, Past President) Dr. Andrea Liu (University of Pennsylvania; Former Speaker of APS Council) Speakers/Panelists Speaker 1: (12 min): Xiaoxing Xi (Temple University) Speaker 2: (12 min): Anming Hu (University of Tennessee,Continue reading “AASF Sponsored Webinar: In Their Own Words: The Stories of Xiaoxing Xi, Anming Hu, and Gang Chen”

AASF Webinar: Reflecting on Professor Gang Chen’s Case and Looking Ahead to the Future of the China Initiative

Click for more details on the upcoming webinar of Professor Gang Chen’s first public appearance after all charges against him have been dismissed.

AASF Webinar: The China Initiative and Professor Anming Hu’s Case

December 18, 2021 Professor Anming Hu of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, was the first academic to stand trial under the Department of Justice’s China Initiative. After an initial visit from the FBI in 2018, he was charged in early 2020 for fraud and false statements, and the trial took place in June 2021. WhenContinue reading “AASF Webinar: The China Initiative and Professor Anming Hu’s Case”

AASF Webinar: Managing Academic Collaborations with Chinese Institutions at U.S. Universities

November 17, 2021 The tensions in relations between China and the United States and a number of high-profile criminal cases under the China Initiative of the Department of Justice have put a spotlight on American universities’ relations with research and educational institutions in China. The issues are extremely complicated and are fraught with the complexitiesContinue reading “AASF Webinar: Managing Academic Collaborations with Chinese Institutions at U.S. Universities”

AASF Webinar: Understanding the “Inconvenient Minority: ”The Sociology of Asian Americans

October 9, 2021 Despite popular pronouncements about the importance of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” in American society, Asian Americans have been either neglected or poorly understood in many contemporary discussions. Utilizing a perspective that is based on social science rather than fashionable political rhetoric such as the “Model Minority Myth,” this lecture will provide a broadContinue reading “AASF Webinar: Understanding the “Inconvenient Minority: ”The Sociology of Asian Americans”

AASF Webinar: Principles of Export Controls Relevant to Research Settings

Export controls refers to the U.S. laws and regulations that restrict the release of certain technologies, information, and services to foreign nationals, within and outside of the United States, and foreign countries for reasons of foreign policy and national security. These laws and regulations have high relevance to researchers and scholars working in diverse fields of science and technology.

AASF Webinar: Combating Racial Profiling of Asian and Asian Immigrants: A Guide to Advocacy and How to Take Action

Speakers from the government, civil rights organizations, and academia will share their insights on ways for individuals to engage in policy advocacy, community organizing, and building narratives to speak up against racial profiling and lift up the voices of impacted people.

AASF Webinar: Fundamental Research Security

The American leadership in scientific research and technology innovations in the world has been built upon open intellectual exchange, global collaborations, and knowledge sharing. As a member of the advisory group for the JASON Report, Professor Peter Fisher will give a presentation addressing the value and risks of openness in basic research for the sustained world leadership of the U.S. in science and engineering.