AASF Webinar: Fundamental Research Security

The American leadership in scientific research and technology innovations in the world has been built upon open intellectual exchange, global collaborations, and knowledge sharing. As a member of the advisory group for the JASON Report, Professor Peter Fisher will give a presentation addressing the value and risks of openness in basic research for the sustained world leadership of the U.S. in science and engineering.

AASF Webinar: Challenges Facing Academics in the US Suspected as Nontraditional Collectors for China

In this webinar, Dr. Xi will present his personal experience and discuss other actual criminal cases to illustrate the risks faced by academics with ties in China. Links to resources concerning case information, legal rights, attorney referral, fundraising, and activism will be provided.

AASF Webinar: Knowing Your Legal Rights: Practical Guidance to Respond to U.S. Law Enforcement, Regulatory, and Institutional Investigations

In view of the recent investigations of the Chinese American academic and scientific communities, a white collar defense attorney and former federal prosecutor will provide community members in this presentation with guidance on their legal rights and strategies to employ when interacting with law enforcement officials and university counsel conducting investigations.

AASF Webinar: DOJ’s China Initiative: Perspectives on How It Makes America Stronger or Weaker?

The hard-handed use of criminal law to prosecute the misconducts of scientists has created frustrations in the US higher education institutions, fears among scientists, worries about the future leadership of America in science and technology innovation, and loss of competitiveness in attracting talents from abroad. In this panel, we will discuss and debate the following questions:

AASF Webinar: Chinese American Scientists: What Do You Have to Pay Attention to Under the China Initiative?

February 6, 2021 As many know, the Chinese American academic community has become deeply concerned over the growing number of criminal cases brought against certain professors from different universities arising out their connections with the PRC. The latest case against Professor Gang Chen of MIT has sparked significant attention to the situation. The Chinese AmericanContinue reading “AASF Webinar: Chinese American Scientists: What Do You Have to Pay Attention to Under the China Initiative?”