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AASF Sponsored Webinar: In Their Own Words: The Stories of Xiaoxing Xi, Anming Hu, and Gang Chen

April 18, 2022 Hosts Dr. Frances Hellman (UC Berkeley; APS, President) Dr. Jonathan Bagger (APS, CEO) Moderators Dr. S. James Gates (Brown University; APS, Past President) Dr. Andrea Liu (University of Pennsylvania; Former Speaker of APS Council) Speakers/Panelists Speaker 1: (12 min): Xiaoxing Xi (Temple University) Speaker 2: (12 min): Anming Hu (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) Speaker 3: (12 min): Gang Chen (MIT) Speaker 4: (6 min): Philip Bucksbaum (Stanford University, former APS President) Speaker 5: (6 min): Francis Slakey (APS Chief of External Affairs) Please see the event website for more details.

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