Announcements and writings from AASF and our members.

Managing Academic Collaborations with Chinese Institutions at U.S. Universities

November 17, 2021 The tensions in relations between China and the United States and a number of high-profile criminal cases under the China Initiative of the Department of Justice have put a spotlight on American universities’ relations with research and educational institutions in China. The issues are extremely complicated and are fraught with the complexities of law, open science, foreign policy, and the status of Chinese American faculty members as both researchers and recent immigrants to the United States. We are convening this webinar to discuss these complicated issues and we are extremely fortunate to have four prominent academics as…

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Open Letter to Dr. Eric Lander Re: NSPM-33

In November 2021, AASF sent the following letter to Dr. Eric Lander, Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy and Science Advisor to the President, to express the importance of open science and academic freedom, and to submit our comments regarding the implementation of National Security Presidential Memorandum-33 (NSPM-33), “Presidential Memorandum on United States Government Support Research and Development National Security Policy.”

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Call for Your support on Open Letters to End “China Initiative”

Dear Colleagues: We, the members of the Asian American Scholar Forum (AASF), call for your support of several open letters to end the “China Initiative”. This initiative, started in November 2018 by the Department of Justice under the previous administration, was intended to investigate threats from China to the U.S. national security. However, the investigations and charges to hundreds of scientists and scholars in U.S. universities and research institutes in the past three years have failed to meet its goal. This initiative has seriously damaged our community. Most scientists and scholars in the investigations are Asian and Chinese descent. The…

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Understanding the “Inconvenient Minority:”The Sociology of Asian Americans

October 9, 2021 Despite popular pronouncements about the importance of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” in American society, Asian Americans have been either neglected or poorly understood in many contemporary discussions. Utilizing a perspective that is based on social science rather than fashionable political rhetoric such as the “Model Minority Myth,” this lecture will provide a broad overview on the history, demography, and sociology of Asian Americans. Cultural factors will also be considered because they are important in understanding socioeconomic outcomes especially for Asian Americans. The investigation of Asian Americans not only yields significant insights about the nature of racial inequality, but…

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Hearings: Balancing Open Science and Security in the U.S. Research Enterprise

Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight & Subcommittee Research and Technology Date: Tuesday, October 5, 2021 Add to my Calendar Time: 10:00 AM Location: Online via videoconferencing Witnesses Dr. Maria Zuber, Co-Chair, National Science, Technology, and Security Roundtable, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; Vice President for Research and E. A. Griswold Professor of Geophysics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ms. Candice N. Wright, Director, Science, Technology Assessment, and Analytics, U.S. Government Accountability Office Ms. Allison Lerner, Inspector General, National Science Foundation Dr. Xiaoxing Xi, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Physics, Temple University Link (Check back for live video of this…

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